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Gourmet Guild Williamsburg


Story by Nooklyn September 22nd, 2015

I first stumbled across The Gourmet Guild sortly after it opened in 2011. There were few other businesses along the Broadway strip at the time, but change was coming quickly, as it does in so much of the city.

Stephen, who helps runs the show with Soyun and Jee, greeted me at the door and gave me the gist:

“It’s like Eataly, but for Brooklyn!”

Gourmet Guild Williamsburg-6.jpg

Locally produced artisanal foods were beginning to line the shelves, of which there were few at the time. Eventually they’d serve food, maybe have events and classes. Who knows?

Fast forward two years, and the shelves are positively bursting with craft goodies of all types.

Gourmet Guild Williamsburg-5.jpg
Gourmet Guild Williamsburg-4.jpg

There has been more expansion - a little marketplace eatery with distinct sections:

“Carving Board” - the kitchen, where meals are prepared

“The Tavern” - Serving local beer and wine

“The Eatery” - bake shop serving up pastries

“Espresso Bar” - self explanatory

Gourmet Guild Williamsburg-1.jpg
Gourmet Guild Williamsburg-2.jpg
Gourmet Guild Williamsburg-3.jpg

The gourmet guild may be a fairly small place, but they’ve got big heart and an admirable mission of uplifting the local product maker, so small batch attentiveness and care can fight back against the bland mechanization of big industrial food. We need more places like it - everywhere.

Gourmet Guild Williamsburg-8.jpg
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