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Oddfellows Ice Cream Co.


Story by Nooklyn September 29th, 2015

sweet beginnings

Holiday and Mohan Kumar were regulars at Lower East Side molecular gastronomy paragon WD~50, where they were hooked to the exquisite ice cream produced by Sam Mason (also of Empire Mayonnaise fame). The three of then got together and conspired to create the ultimate ice cream shop.

Here it is.

Oddfellows Tricia Day-4.jpg

Odd fellows Ice Cream Co. It’s open, airy and decked out in white and red - the prototypical colors of ye creamery of olde. There’s a stool lined soda bar where you can watch milk shakes and waffle cones come into being. The front window is massive and similarly adorned with a bar and stools, so you can people watch while you indulge in your treat and inspire jealousy for passersby. A few tables occupy the center ground for communal enjoyment.

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The scoop counter features a daily rotation of 16 small batch, inventive, rich, creamy, fluffy custard ice cream flavors. Scoops are available in cups, cones, milkshakes, sodas and our favorite, sundaes - including hot fudge, banana split, and often a season sundae.

We loaded up on the seasonal flavors this trip - Burnt Honey Rosemary & Brown Butter Sage for autumn. Sundaes come with three scoops, so we rounded off the hot fudge sundae with Buttermilk Honey Blueberry, and the banana split with Thai Iced Cream.

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Footnote: by Nicholas Doyle - @nsdoyle,
OddFellows Ice Cream Co., Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY, United States
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